round cross pierce


Accessory/big cross ring


Accessory/kye chain ring


combinasion color doble drop hoop pierce


doble squereline pierce【Silver925】


putti 3line hoop pierce【Silver925】


drop huck pierce


small square pierce


Accessory/cross line ring 【Silver925】 


Accessory/overlap line ring 【Silver925】 


Accessory/New Wave Bangle(Nothing And Others)


Accessory/small coin necklace【18Kcorting/ロジウムcorting】


Accessory/black beads chain necklace【silver925】


Accessory/ 淡水pearl overlap pierce(silver925post)


Accessory/dunbel chain silver blaceret(Nothing And Others)


Accessory/curve point silver bangle(Nothing And Others)


Accessory/gold azuki chain necklace【silver925】


surgical stainless ball pierce(6mm)


Accessory/snake chain short necklace【18Kcorting/ロジウムcorting】


Accessory/ plump hoop pierce(silver925post)


Accessory/ Pentagon thick pierce(silver925post)


Accessory/wire cuff bangle


black beads flower pierce


Accessory/淡水pearl necklace


Accessory/edge silver bangle (Nothing And Others)


skyblue volume pierce


clear volume pierce


drop hoop pierce


Accessory/silver snake chain necklace【silver925】


Accessory/silver cable chain necklace【silver925】


drop hock small pierce


Accessory/ thick wave silver bangle (Nothing And Others)


Accessory/ silver Deform bangle (Nothing And Others)


Accessory/simple ballchain long necklace【silver925】


stick pierce【Silver925/14kgf】


Accessory/openlap ring 【Silver925】 


Accessory/silver ball top chain necklace【silver925】


Accessory 【Silver925】2type doble chain anklect


simplel 2line pierce(silver925post)